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Salon owner, President and Artistic Director Rigsby Frederick has created a unique environment to mentor talent in all aspects of design. Each member of our team has completed an extensive hands-on training program to ensure that every salon guest receives exceptional care.

Our industry-leading educational system offers both internships and apprenticeships, giving us the opportunity to train stylists from ground up to ensure high-quality services across our entire team: 

The one-year internship program for beauty school graduates hones the skills they received in school and teaches them the advanced techniques required to provide the services we offer in our high-caliber salon. 

The Rigsby apprenticeship is a two-year program that provides all the classes and education required to pass the State Board Exam and receive one’s license—while also delivering the advanced education encompassed in our internship program.

We are passionately committed to advanced education for all our stylists, regardless of tenure with the company. Our staff routinely travels the country to receive first-class education from the brands we promote and artists we respect. Periodically we offer advanced educational classes to other stylists from around the country who wish to perfect their haircutting, coloring, styling, and makeup skills.

Contact us to learn more about education at Rigsby or to apply for an internship, apprenticeship or open position.